Who is Arnolfo Design?

Art Director, Graphic Designer, Dino Docent

Arnolfo is more than a graphic designer. He’s an art director, print and production manager, website creator, color theorist, project supervisor, brand architect, dad, husband and also a volunteer at The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

Arnolfo has been helping businesses and nonprofit organizations communicate who they are, what they do while helping to build their brand.

Today, Arnolfo works with Chicago & New York-based marketing agencies and design firms doing the same for their customers. With a wry sense of humor and a flare for creativity, Arnolfo approaches every project with a disciplined focus and a grounded passion for excellence.

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What can you expect from Arnolfo.

You have a project in mind and I’m all ears.

You know your business, your audience and how your project fits into your marketing goal, but you need a visionary creative to bring it all to life. Arnolfo Design starts every project by listening and learning, so let’s begin with an initial discussion about your business and the project at hand where we’ll cover items like what is it, who is it for, and what it needs to convey. And of cousre, how much will it cost.

The next step, after a few formalities, is where my work begins. You can expect a few rounds of creative direction in the form of layouts together with open discussions and comments. These initial rounds will make sure the direction and design are meeting the project’s goals as well as your branding standards. Once all is approved Arnolfo provides professional-level print or web files and works with your printer or web host to make sure everything is perfect.

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